Dear Family and friends,

My name is Alexandros (Alex) Demetriou. This is the first letter of many heading your way, to inform you about the staff of TBGrace and help you have a closer connection to us.

I came to know TBGrace by my introduction to its CEO Dr. Todd Horton. At first, when I heard of TBGrace, I thought it was like any other fund-raising organization and I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Then I saw a few things different. I see momentum in their actions and plan, I see a passion for helping people, and the most important thing; I see God working and using them for His Kingdom.

Once I saw those things, I myself became interested and wanted to know more. My Spirit felt drawn to these people and their faith and works. After a time of accumulating more knowledge, I heard the Lord speak and remind me of my request to be able to go into the world and spread the Good News.

Teaching about Christ, The Father and the Holy Spirit. To see people get saved by Him. This was God's answer to my request.

During my time in knowing the Lord, I have seen questions and requests answered. I have felt Him move through my own words and actions. I remember praying, yet the words said were not mine, but His.

With Touched By Grace I see that as well. I see God moving mountains, making provision where there seems to be none, and bringing support for trials and tests.

The motto of TBGrace is ‘Reaching the world one person at a time’ and that inspires me.

We build a relationship with each person we meet and try our best to guide them according to the Word of God. Personally, I love to teach.

Many times I see people ask why God is not moving in their lives, and I wonder if they understand availability and submission. From the day I was saved I have constantly asked the Lord for more tasks, and I have done my best to be available to Him. Many times I have declared that I am His to use as He sees fit. I want him to take away the flesh and replace it with what is His.

I believe we all have a calling, an office, and a reason that we are on this earth. God doesn’t waste time or energy. He made us in our mother's womb and He did that for a reason.

Touched By Grace is one ministry that does its absolute best to make sure people know that, grow into that, and expand that to be able to do God’s tasks for us. Our passion, motivation, and love is God, His will, and building a relationship with Him.

I would like to thank you for your support and I want everyone who is reading this, be they are a believer or not to understand that we love you, He loves you, and you are on our minds and in our prayers. Never forget that, we are here to help you and I would be honored and look forward to meeting you in person.



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