Christian Ethics Pathway


Ever wondered what your faith says about abortion? How about capital punishment? Maybe it's God justice and your injustice fighting each other? Well, delve into the scriptures with this vigorous course and find out what you seek. In this course we will be discussing most viewpoints yet will keep defaulting back to the Word of God and its’ decisions, much like the Corinthians and the Boreans. Personal knowledge of God and who He is will be revealed to us and help continue on the path set out before you with your faith strengthened and spiritual maturity greater than before.


01 - God of the Bible vs God of Culture:

Discussing the difference between faith and culture is something most feel uncomfortable discussing with their peers. We believe in otherwise. A discussion must take place for the Truth to be revealed. 



02 - Differences between Biblical and Worldly view:

Perspective is a reality in everyone's life. Not everyone sees things equally. As such, discussing the differences between an absolute like the Bible and something flimsy like the World, brings new perspective.


03 - Abortion:

A subject talked about for a long time. People have drawn their opinions based on emotions, facts, etc. We base it on the Bible and our personal knowledge of God.


04 - Divorce:

Marriage is a beautiful thing in the eyes of God, so to assume that the opposite of marriage is horrendous would be a safe assumption, and the Word backs it up.


05 - Death Penalty:

Death is natural part of life. Sometimes it's old age, other times accidents and worst case scenarios, murder. But what is the Death Penalty? Is it murder? Or protecting? What do the scriptures say? What does the Spirit of God say?


06 - War:

Is war a part of life? A part of human nature? Or a product of the Devil?


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