Christian Trips

Awaken Your Faith Today
  • Come awaken your faith to a whole new level.
  • Discover the Bible in Cyprus
  • Visit Rome
  • Experience the places of the Bible

Come and awaken your faith to a whole new level! Experience the Bible yourself.

Many people go on a Christian tour and want to go on biblical tours.  People take tours and find they would like to have more control of their pace and things they desire to see.

We encourage you to create a customized trip with us. We came from the U.S. and fell in love with the places of the Bible.  This is one out of many good reasons to go with us. We are here to help you organize your trip.

Our group leader was born and raised in Brentwood, TN. Dr Todd Allen Horton has a Ph.D. in Religious Philosophy and has been living and leading private Christian tours for the past 9 years.

Todd helps to educate individuals regarding Israel’s history and culture.  Todd has a Ph.D. in Religious Philosophy from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary.

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