2 Year Degree = 60 Hours

4 Year Degree = 120 Hours

1 Year Certificates = 30 Hour

  • ISOM Middle East extension centre
  • Florida Tabernacle Bible College Middle East extension centre
  • Approved Middle East Internship for Masters of Theology Students by Harvard University under the supervision of Dr Dudley Rose Theology Department of Harvard University

Here is what Dr Dudley Rose had to say about his visit to Israel and the Middle East with Touched by Grace.

“What a splendid time? Words cannot begin to describe the impact of this trip and the visits to so many important Biblical places.  They have profoundly enlivened my sense of the stories and the impact of their message.  As moving was to be with your family.  Every one of you is a delight.  In just a few days with you, I know already that I will miss you all.” – Dudley Rose, Cambridge, Mass.,  Associate Dean for Ministry Studies Lecturer on Ministry

Dudley C. Rose

Associate Dean for Ministry Studies
Lecturer on Ministry
Prof. Dudley Rose


  • MDiv, Harvard Divinity School


Dudley Rose is associate dean for ministry studies and Lecturer on Ministry at the Divinity School. He has administered programs and taught in ministry studies at HDS since 1987. His teaching and research interests include ministry studies; life, thought, and ministry of Dietrich Bonhoeffer; congregational and institutional leadership; and use and effect of digital technology and social networking in society, churches, and ministry.


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