Health & Fitness Pathway


The body is something granted to us by God Himself and made in His image. He calls us good, body, mind and spirit. Later on we are called the temple of God and as such a temple must be taken care of.

Taking care of oneself has more meaning than just eating healthy or doing physical exercise. In this comprehensive course, you will be tasked with taking care of your body, your mind and your spirit. Practical and academical exams will follow with trust being built between teacher and student.


01 - The Body in God's eyes:

This lesson discuss how God views the body from the Scriptures.


02 - First Aid Response Primary Care:

This lesson prepares an individual to perform primary care first aid assisting injured individuals.


03 - First Aid Response Secondary Care:

This lesson prepares an individual to perform first aid secondary care assisting injured individuals.


04 - Exercise Programs:

This lesson brings individual exercise programs to individuals.


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