Hebraic pathway


Ever wondered what the Word meant when Paul was a tent-maker? Why did Jesus call us the salt of the earth? Why the ancient Hebrews slaughtered animals? Through this thorough course you will learn what the original context and intent of the Bible and its descriptions were. The true meaning behind the words.




01 - Foundations:

Foundation is one of the most important aspects of everyday life. Learning the foundations to your faith is a good way to fight the good fight and an interesting and thought provoking aspect of daily life.


02 - Covenants:

Knowing about covenants is important for because thats' how Adam came to know God and how Noah knew for sure that God would not destroy the earth again with a flood.


03 - Biblical prosperity based on the Torah:

Following these lessons, you will learn how to be prosperous in more ways than one throughout your life thanks to the Torah.