Covenant Series:

What is a Blood Covenant: 

In this lesson we discuss the need for a blood covenant.  From the earliest of times a blood covenant was required between God and people.  This lesson will review the history from Adam to Jesus.


Reasons for entering a Blood Covenant:

Every blood covenant had a specific purpose and function in developing a relationship with God.  In this lesson we look at the major reasons for why a blood covenant was required.


Ways of entering a Blood Covenant:

A blood covenant had a specific way that it was entered.  The protocol and processes of the blood covenant  are discovered to help make clear the way atonement was satisfied by God and what the blood covenant partners understand as their responsibility.


Steps to entering a Blood Covenant:

Each step in the blood covenant has an order, function, and purpose.  The steps of blood covenant reveals to us how God works alongside individuals in order to bring them into relationship with him.


What is the Threshold Covenant:

In this lesson we review the Threshold covenant and how it was used to bring people into an awareness between God and himself.   The threshold covenant is viewed in two aspects.  One, between God and the individual and two, between the individual and the community.


Man's need for a Savior:

The lessons looks at the condition of man and his need for redemption from the creation until now.


I am the Way, Truth, and Life:

In this lesson the phrase I am the Way, Truth, and life is layered with meaning.  The meaning of this phrase will be brought to light to help bring awareness to a lifestyle in how God is calling us to live.


New Covenant is also a Blood Covenant:

In this lesson we look at the the New Covenant and how it is related to the blood covenants of the Tanak.


The Bible consists of two Testaments or Covenants: Torah & New:

In this lesson we review the two major covenants that take place in the Word.


Our Blood Covenant with God:

This lessons discuses the blood covenant that God has with us specifically.  We look at the blood covenant as a standard and choice that we are offered through the obedience of those who came into agreement with God.


What is the Salt Covenant:

The Salt Covenant teaching brings to light the uses of salt over time in the Middle East and how it was viewed as a community practice among people.