Historical Pathway


Finding out that the Bible actually talks about real historical events is quite shocking yet here you can see that “Not all of History is in the Bible, but all of the Bible is in History.” - Dr Todd Horton. See what impact the ancient Greeks had in the Word of God, make the connection between people like Antiochus IV Epiphanes and the effect that they had in history. Watch how the justice system became what it is today, how Christmas came into existence and the love of Israel changed things around.


01 - Biblical Connection:

Connecting the Bible with our History is an uncommon concept yet something that gives a greater understanding of the happenings in those times.


02 - War:

This course will take you throughout the different wars, BC and AD, to study, connect and disconnect ideas that do not match reality.


03 - Biblical History:

We have connect our History with the Bible, and looked at the surroundings, but it's time we look into the History of the Bible.


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