“Nothing compares to the greatness of God in the earth. When we stand under the canopy of His Greatness, perspective is gained and life is viewed in its original intent.” – Todd Horton

The TBG house in Cyprus, known as Villa Shalom and Shlava, is considered a stepping stone to the Middle East. The villa sits near the Mediterranean Sea, 20 minutes from Pafos.  From the TBG House in Cyprus you can view majestic sunsets and feel the cool breezes.

The pages of the Bible come to life from the book of Acts chapter 13.

Things you will experience when you are here:

  • Peace
  • Stillness
  • His Presence
  • His leading
  • The timeless Word come to life

We invite you to come and stay at the TBG house in Cyprus.  You will find a noticeable place of peace and rest for you to meditate on the ways of God.  In this setting you can gain His perspective of how He wants to present Himself through you. The world is waiting for an authentic presentation of Himself.


For more information contact us at +1-615-332-9152 or by email at info@tbgrace.org.