Jordan River Experience


“We need to open our hearts to the one who created us. Our lives were designed for life and life more abundant in freedom. No longer a slave to the brokenness of iniquity but the reality of victory”. – Todd Horton

Jordan River Experience - Bringing Commitment to Life

Touched by Grace is immersing individuals in the ancient Jordan River that John immersed in 2000 years ago.  We are witnessing individuals who are making a first time profession of faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob or rededication because they are in Israel.


 We currently have immersed 3,109  people from 91 different nations of the 196 nations of the World. 1,682 of these baptisms are first time professions of faith since May 2012.


Many people come to Israel on their own and not with any particular group and want to be baptized.  Touched by Grace has been requested to help those individuals who would like to be immersed, and give them an opportunity to share their public profession of faith here in Israel.

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