New Covenant Pathway


Walk through the Apostle Paul’s steps and understand the trials he faces in the cultures he lived in. Experience how the Philippians encourage the early community of Faith. Discover what the Last Supper truly meant and the connection between Passover and Shabbat.  Find out how the Transfiguration is connected to Moses and Mt. Sinai.  Discover the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Experience what the spaces between words truly mean.  The course includes New Testament survey, discipleship, divine healing, introduction to ministry, and practical ministries.


01 - New Testament Survey

New Testament survey brings the student into a review of the books of the New Testament.  The Gospels and Pauline Epistles are discovered and connected to the Covenant of the Tanak.

  • The Importance of the New Testament compared to the Old:
  • The synoptic Gospels:
  • The Gospel according to Matthew, Written 60 - 70 A.D:
  • The Gospel according to Mark, Written 67 - 70 A.D:
  • The Gospel according to Luke, Written 62 A.D:
  • The Gospel according to John, Written 80 - 90 A.D:


02 - Discipleship

Discipleship is reviewed past and present.  How does discipleship look today?  What are the objectives of discipleship?

  • Introduction to Discipleship:
  • Objective of Discipleship: To advance the kingdom of God:
  • What Jesus taught on Discipleship:
  • Confronting fellow disciples with a positive outcome:
  • How Jesus loved and walked - What He said:


03 - Divine Healing

Divine healing is addressed in this lesson.  What does healing look like in the scriptures.  How does healing affect the lives of those who have been healed?

  • Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden:
  • God's character in the Torah:
  • Who is the Author of sickness:
  • Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Healer:
  • Acting on God's Word:





04 - Introduction to Ministry

This lesson reviews how the Gifts of the Spirit are viewed in communities of Faith.  The lesson also discusses the need for the Gifts of the Spirit in our communities today.

  • Three types of Gifts:
  • Ministry Gifts:
  • The Apostle:
  • The Prophet:
  • The Evangelist:
  • The Pastor
  • The Teacher
  • The Ministry of Helps
  • Conclusion
  • Introduction to Obedience
  • Obedience: The virtue of Obedience
  • Learning the true secret of Obedience


05 - Practical Ministries

This lesson takes a look at conflicts, successes and calling of God on individuals in communities.

  • Introduction: Defining practical Ministries:
  • The call of God:
  • Practical areas of Ministry:
  • Temptations:
  • Conflicts:
  • Success in Ministry


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