Here is what people are saying about Todd and Rose Horton and their TBG Israel Experienceover the recents months…

“….My time in Israel was truly amazing! Between being with my family and walking where my Savior stood, I couldn’t have asked for a greater blessing. My favorite part was singing praise songs in the Garden Tomb and enjoying the diverse culture. I hope to go back with a family of my own some day….”

– Ashlyn Keightley – TN – March 2011


“….God had been calling our family to Israel for years. We decided to heed the calling and wanted our extended family to come, too. My husband, David, began to search the internet for Holy Land Tours and stumbled across Touched By Grace. He called Todd and it was a perfect fit! Our beliefs matched Todd’s and we set him free to plan the perfect trip for us.

It was so wonderful to have Todd there with us during our travels. He is extremely knowledgeable and developed a fabulous itinerary of our group of 15 (ranging in ages from 7 to 72)! Satan did his part in trying to keep us from getting to Israel, but God had bigger plans! Our lives, and the lives of our children, are changed forever. Our faith is now 3-D! We read the bible and listen to sermons and can “see” where all these places were (are). Easter this year was exceptionally meaningful! The Tomb is empty! Hallelujah! Amen!….Go and live your faith. You’ll be changed and empowered in a Holy way!”

– Ashley Dill – TN – March 2011


“….Our family trip to Israel really allowed me time to reflect upon who God is and all He as done for me in my life so far. Realizing that I was standing where my savior once stood was truly amazing. It helped me see that the Lord truly came to earth where we live. My favorite parts of the trip were singing praise songs in the Garden tomb with other believers from around the world and riding in a boat across the Sea of Galilee. Traveling through Israel really opened my eyes to the history of the bible and Jesus’s life. It was a wonderful experience and I am so happy that I was able to share it with my family….”

– Briana – TN – March 2011


“….As our minds, souls and hearts connect to the roots of our faith in Israel, different people seem to have different experiences — for some it is deeply spiritual, for some it is academic, historical or theological. Chances are, your experience will be a unique combination of all of these.

The last thing I wanted was to be flooded by pre-manufactured conclusions and slogans. TBG / Todd + Rose shared their lives and prayers in an attempt to be with me, not just bus me around. Because of this they were able to support, discern, and pay attention to my physical, cerebral and spiritual needs, helping me to process and contextualize my experiences as I took them in. This allowed me to connect with God in a raw, passionate, honest and PERSONAL way as an individual. After all, I am grateful to be one of HIS sheep, but that doesn’t mean I want to be maneuvered through Israel in a tourist herd….”

– Jan Stolpe – CA – 2006


“….The first thing I noticed about being in Israel was how comfortable I felt, spiritually, physically, mentally. Everything was so relaxing. I got to sense, first hand, what it was like being in God’s Holy Land. They don’t just say that for nothing.

My favorite part, by far, was Jerusalem and the Garden Tomb. As a believer in Christ Jesus, I could spiritually feel a difference in the presence of the Lord and the presence of evil. There is such spiritual warfare surrounding Jerusalem because the devil knows the Truth. Yet there is so much more passion and TRUTH encompassed in the heart of Jerusalem that will set any spirit free. If you know God and Jesus Christ, then you know that what the Bible says is true. When I was younger, reading about all the places in the Bible that I didn’t know how to pronounce, they all seemed so foreign to me. But now, after having been to these places, the Bible comes alive. It was an amazing and addictive experience that I will treasure forever. Before even leaving Israel I knew I was going to go back. Everyone should visit Israel at least once, and tell me they don’t feel changed.

As for my guidance and leaders, I felt completely safe wherever I went with Todd. I was educated to the nth degree about anything there is to know about everything. I felt completely comfortable asking any type of question. I didn’t feel stupid. I, in fact, felt encouraged to know everything I could and/or wanted to during the entire trip. I felt comfortable enough to be silent and “take it all in”, and I also felt comfortable enough to ask questions I’ve only contemplated in my head. It was liberating. And I thank God our Father for that.

I would highly suggest Touched By Grace ministries to any and everyone interested in knowing the Truth about Truth. It was by far the most exhilarating experience my spirit has ever had. One I would do all over again in a heartbeat.

– Lara Spaw – IN – March 2011


“….Knowing I was walking in the same places Jesus walked was meaningful, but the one place that touched me the most was the Garden Tomb. I shed a few tears there. Sharing communion with others in our group there and singing “How Great Thou Art” with the group from Brazil brought more tears. It is so much easier for me to relate to my daily Bible readings because of the trip. It brought the Bible stories to life! Hope all is going well with you….”

– H. L. Hall – TN – March 2011


“….My favorite part of the experience was the trip’s Family Feel. It was extremely special for me to be in ISRAEL with my own son and daughter, where I am a grafted-in-child of the Most High god who begot and raised His own Son there. We three felt that the high light of the trip was our experience in the Garden Tomb where we received communion with a family from the Brentwood area. That morning was a bright Spring morning where we listened to to the Word of God and Todd’s presentation of communion to us all….”

– Lynn Spaw – TN – March 2011


“….Todd and Rose Horton (and their 4 beautiful children), with Touched By Grace, were my wonderful hosts in Tiberius. (My friends from Indy, Natalie and Doug Crane, connected me with them! Thank you!!!) Tiberius is in northern Israel, right on the southwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee – which really looks like a large lake! It was so amazing to be there.

To walk where Jesus walked with his followers, to visit Capernaum (where Peter, James, and John were from – on the northern shore of the Lake); to ride a modern-day boat that was designed to look like the fisher boats during Jesus’ time; to imagine Jesus walking across the Lake; to imagine him saying to the winds and the waves, “Peace, be Still!”; to see the mountainside where Jesus may have taught the Beatitudes; to go to the Jordan River at the southern shore of the Lake and swim near where Jesus was baptized and the dove came out of heaven and said, “Behold, this is My Son, with him I am well pleased”; WOW.

I think that every person who loves Jesus should visit Israel and go up to the Galilee area where Jesus spent so much of his ministry time during the three years from his baptism to his death on the cross. It is a beautiful land, with a lot of lush, green fields that grow citrus fruits, olives, grapes, etc.

Todd and Rose were amazing hosts; we ate Shabbot dinner together (Friday night of Sabbath, the family eats a meal together with symbolic elements) and met some of their friends. I learned so much from them about who I am in Christ and trusting Him, and they took me around to see the sites in the area. It was such a blessing to stay with them. The Lord has provided them with a castle to live in!!! (It’s not really a castle, but I think it looks like a palace!) It was beautiful.

Thanks, Father! And thanks, Todd & Rose, for your hospitality!!

– Ericka Smiley – October – 2007