Here is what people are saying about the Biblical Experience 

Doug and Serena Geiger - June

"I had the honor and privilege to travel on a discipleship trip with my family and with Rose as our spiritual teacher and friend. We had an incredible time traversing the land of the Bible and of our LORD Jesus.

The scriptures literally became alive as we visited each site and spent time in the word.

Rose imparted revelation, teaching and spiritual insight into each place with scripture, and first hand experience from living in Israel.

She made sure every step of the way was spirit-led and flowed smoothly. We did more on our 2-week trip than we had in 2 prior visits, each 2 weeks long.

Rose even shared a bible study with us on Ruth for Shavuot. I can’t say enough about how awesome Rose was with us and in encouraging our spiritual growth and journey.

Her husband Todd on several occasions also prayed with us and did teaching with us right over the phone! We were so blessed by our time in Israel and by our friendship with the Horton Family. I can’t say enough about how amazing this trip has been."

–  Serena Geiger, Tampa, Florida – June 2019

Julio and Nancy Escodo - June

Thank you, Todd and Rose, for making "this trip of a lifetime" so special.  You helped the Bible come to life with your knowledge of the land and scripture.  Not only were we able to see all of the Holy Land, but also experience the love and kindness of its people during our Shabbat dinner.  Here's to new friends, new adventures, new found love for coffee and tight quarters.

– Julio and Nancy , Tampa, Fl.,  – June 2019

Dr. Dudley Rose - July

“What a splendid time? Words cannot begin to describe the impact of this trip and the visits to so many important Biblical places.  They have profoundly enlivened my sense of the stories and the impact of their message.  As moving was to be with your family.  Every one of you is a delight.  In just a few days with you, I know already that I will miss you all.”

– Dudley Rose, Cambridge, Mass.,  Harvard Dean, – July 2013

Greg & Sandy McBrayer - March

“Your thoughtful planning and tours combined with your scriptural presentations have made the land come alive and helped clarify the Scriptures in our minds.  We will never forget our Israel Experience or our new friends.  The experience exceeded our expectations in every aspect.  Thank you and may God bless you and your family”

Greg & Sandy McBrayer March 2013

Steph Carse – USA – February 2016

“My trip in Israel is one I will always treasure but the most special and spiritual moment was getting baptized as an adult and being thankful and accepting my love and faith for God and Jesus. I am so thankful and grateful for many things in my life the good but also the bad as it makes me who I am. Life is all about learning from your mistakes and doing everything you can to be a better person as no one is perfect. It was the most amazing feeling. Here I am right after the ceremony in my new @michalnegrin dress. Feeling great and cleansed. “

Carol Tyson - USA - November 2015

I recently had the privilege of spending two weeks in Israel with a few friends from the United States, and with Todd Horton of Touched by Grace as our leader and teacher.

The Israel Experience led by Todd was indeed a faith journey of a lifetime. He is a wealth of historical and Biblical knowledge and holds a deep passion for Israel and its people.

Todd anticipated every need and planned ahead with meticulous detail to assure a balance to our days. His humour and his depth of knowledge combined to make for many engaging conversations. He never seemed to tire of my endless questions and generously gave of his time to each of us.

In addition to booking fantastic hotels and restaurants, we experienced the joy of staying in Todd and Rose Horton's Touched by Grace Home. I didn't think anything could rival the lavish breakfasts of our hotels, but Rose's breakfast feasts took first place! She was a gracious host, as were their four delightful children. Their home is full of grace and beauty.

At the beginning of our journey, Todd presented each of us with a copy of his study guide "An Israel Experience", a comprehensive guide to many of the sites we would be seeing and studying along the way. The guide is a keeper that I will treasure for years to come. It reflects the kind of attention to detail that is Todd's trademark to ensure his travellers enjoy a full and rich experience of Israel!

- Carol Tyson - Los Angeles, California

Alder Bellevie - February

“Firstly, we cannot thank you enough for making this a trip of a lifetime.  We just feel so incredibly lucky to have found you and that you were willing to show us  Israel. We made it to the airport safely! Cannot thank you enough for all that you did. You MADE this trip for us!”

– Alder Bellevie February – 2013

Joe Diaz - November

“Mr Horton is an excellent travel professional and public relations specialist that helps educate individuals regarding Israel’s history & culture and offers excellent tours throughout the country.”

– Joe Diaz – Israel Ministry of Tourism – Atlanta, Georgia November 2012 

Bob and DeeAnn Jesse - September

“DeeAnn and I have wanted to come to Israel since we were married in 1994.  This trip has been a dream come true!  This trip has brought us closer to our Jewish roots and helped us to better understand Jewish culture.  Thank you for the incredibly wonderful food and lodging I can honestly say getting baptized was the highlight of my trip!”

–  Bob Jesse – Minnesota September 2012

Karla Marx - September

“It has been so very much more of a blessing to us than when we were here 28 years ago.  It has made the scriptures come alive, helping us understand the different places, customs, and people more than we have in the past.” –

– Karla Marx – Georgia September 2012

Jeanie Tidwell - July

“We had a wonderful, sweet time in Israel. Our teacher with the travel agency was Todd Horton and he did an excellent job. We had a sweet Holy Spirit connection. He baptized our entire family in the Jordan River, at Yardenit and the sweetest moment was at the Garden Tomb as we had Communion/Lord’s Supper with Todd and Family.”

– Jeanie Tidwell – Texas July 2012

Chuck, Mary, & Becky Warner - March

“Both of you overwhelmed our family with love, compassion, sensitivity and thoughtfulness.  We are blessed to have been with you during our inaugural time into Israel!  It was simply a perfect trip, led by a devoted couple who love Israel and are trying to share this love and passion with others.  It is hard to put into words what this trip means to us, as a family and individually, with the emotions, memories and experiences we had.  In other words— THANK YOU for sharing Israel with us.  I have no doubt that we will return to explore more of our love for Israel and the people of the land”

–  Mary Warner – OH – March 2012

Lara Spaw - March

“The first thing I noticed about being in Israel was how comfortable I felt, spiritually, physically, mentally. Everything was so relaxing. I got to sense, first hand, what it was like being in God’s Holy Land. They don’t just say that for nothing.

My favourite part, by far, was Jerusalem and the Garden Tomb.  When I was younger, reading about all the places in the Bible that I didn’t know how to pronounce, they all seemed so foreign to me. But now, after having been to these places, the Bible comes alive. It was an amazing and addictive experience that I will treasure forever. Before even leaving Israel I knew I was going to go back. Everyone should visit Israel at least once, and tell me they don’t feel changed.

As for my guidance and leaders, I felt completely safe wherever I went with Todd. I was educated to the nth degree about anything there is to know about everything. I felt completely comfortable asking any type of question. I didn’t feel stupid. I, in fact, felt encouraged to know everything I could and/or wanted to during the entire trip. I felt comfortable enough to be silent and “take it all in”, and I also felt comfortable enough to ask questions I’ve only contemplated in my head. It was liberating. And I thank God our Father for that.

I would highly suggest Touched By Grace and The Israel Experience to any and everyone interested in knowing the Truth about Truth. It was by far the most exhilarating experience my spirit has ever had. One I would do all over again in a heartbeat.”

– Lara Spaw – IN – March 2011

Ashley Dill - March

“God had been calling our family to Israel for years. We decided to heed the calling and wanted our extended family to come, too. My husband, David, began to search the internet for Holy Land Tours and stumbled across Touched By Grace. He called Todd and it was a perfect fit! Our beliefs matched Todd’s and we set him free to plan the perfect trip for us.

It was so wonderful to have Todd there with us during our travels. He is extremely knowledgeable and developed a fabulous itinerary of our group of 15 (ranging in ages from 7 to 72)!  Our lives and the lives of our children are changed forever. Our faith is now 3-D! We read the bible and listen to sermons and can “see” where all these places were (are).

– Ashley Dill – TN – March 2011

Jan Stolpe - January

“As our minds, souls and hearts connect to the roots of our faith in Israel, different people seem to have different experiences — for some, it is deeply spiritual, for some it is academic, historical or theological. Chances are, your experience will be a unique combination of all of these.

The last thing I wanted was to be flooded by pre-manufactured conclusions and slogans. TBG / Todd + Rose shared their lives and prayers in an attempt to be with me, not just bus me around. Because of this they were able to support, discern, and pay attention to my physical, cerebral and spiritual needs, helping me to process and contextualize my experiences as I took them in. This allowed me to connect with God in a raw, passionate, honest and PERSONAL way as an individual. After all, I am grateful to be one of HIS sheep, but that doesn’t mean I want to be manoeuvred through Israel in a tourist herd”

– Jan Stolpe – CA – 2006

Ashlyn Keightly - March

"....My time in Israel was truly amazing! Between being with my family and walking where my Savior stood, I couldn't have asked for a greater blessing. My favourite part was singing praise songs in the Garden Tomb and enjoying the diverse culture. I hope to go back with a family of my own someday...."

- Ashlyn Keightley - TN - March 2011

Briana - March

"....Our family trip to Israel really allowed me time to reflect upon who God is and all He has done for me in my life so far. Realizing that I was standing where my saviour once stood was truly amazing. It helped me see that the Lord truly came to earth where we live. My favourite parts of the trip were singing praise songs in the Garden Tomb with other believers from around the world and riding in a boat across the Sea of Galilee. Travelling through Israel really opened my eyes to the history of the bible and Jesus's life. It was a wonderful experience and I am so happy that I was able to share it with my family...."

- Briana - TN - March 2011


H.L. Hall - March

"....Knowing I was walking in the same places Jesus walked was meaningful, but the one place that touched me the most was the Garden Tomb. I shed a few tears there. Sharing communion with others in our group there and singing "How Great Thou Art" with the group from Brazil brought more tears. It is so much easier for me to relate to my daily Bible readings because of the trip. It brought the Bible stories to life! Hope all is going well with you...."

- H. L. Hall - TN - March 2011

Lynn Spaw - March

"....My favourite part of the experience was the trip's Family Feel. It was extremely special for me to be in Israel with my own son and daughter, where I am a grafted-in-child of the Highest God who begot and raised His own Son there. We three felt that the high light of the trip was our experience in the Garden Tomb where we received communion with a family from the Brentwood area. That morning was a bright Spring morning where we listened to the Word of God and Todd's presentation of communion to us all...."

- Lynn Spaw - TN - March 2011

Ericka Smiley - October

"....Todd and Rose Horton (and their 4 beautiful children), with Touched By Grace, were my wonderful hosts in Tiberius. (My friends from Indy, Natalie and Doug Crane, connected me with them! Thank you!!!) Tiberius is in northern Israel, right on the southwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee - which really looks like a large lake! It was so amazing to be there.

To walk where Jesus walked with his followers, to visit Capernaum (where Peter, James, and John were from - on the northern shore of the Lake); to ride a modern-day boat that was designed to look like the fisher boats during Jesus' time; to imagine Jesus walking across the Lake; to imagine him saying to the winds and the waves, "Peace, Be Still!"; to see the mountainside where Jesus may have taught the Beatitudes; to go to the Jordan River at the southern shore of the Lake and swim near where Jesus was baptized and the dove came out of heaven and said, "Behold, this is My Son, with him I am well pleased"; WOW.

I think that every person who loves Jesus should visit Israel and go up to the Galilee area where Jesus spent so much of his ministry time during the three years from his baptism to his death on the cross. It is a beautiful land, with a lot of lush, green fields that grow citrus fruits, olives, grapes, etc.

Todd and Rose were amazing hosts; we ate Shabbat dinner together (Friday night of Sabbath, the family eats a meal together with symbolic elements) and met some of their friends. I learned so much from them about who I am in Christ and trusting Him, and they took me around to see the sites in the area. It was such a blessing to stay with them. The Lord has provided them with a castle to live in!!! (It's not really a castle, but I think it looks like a palace!) It was beautiful.

Thanks, Father! And thanks, Todd & Rose, for your hospitality!!

- Ericka Smiley - October - 2007

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