Restoring Haven

Restoration Haven

Touched by Grace inspires individuals to unleash their true purpose by facilitating individual transformation through the synergy of partnership. Following the example of Christ, we seek to infuse the people we equip with resolve and boldness allowing their authentic potential to be unleashed. Our goal is to guide individuals to lead a focused life with elegance and passion so they, in turn, become powerful catalysts for radical change all around them. Living a life free from fear or boxes that hold them back.

Touched by Grace recognizes we reach the world one person at a time.

Welcome to Restoring Haven, where you will get the chance to rest, refresh and restore. During your time here, you can join a set of activities, ranging from sports like volleyball and soccer to cooking, playing board games and more! However, if you wish to have time for yourself, outside the house, we have an amazing back yard and front yard, both with amazing views! We can also recommend several places for you to visit, to spend time with God.

Concerning reservations, due to our limited space, you will need to make one beforehand. To request a reservation, please fill the contact form below with the following information: Name, Gender, Desired Dates, Phone Number, Medically Diagnosed Food Allergies, as well as some information about yourself, if you are bringing someone with you, and why you would like to come. Have you studied at a college/university? If so, where did you study and what was your focus? If you have been working, at what job? Don't worry, we just want to get to know you more, so we can help accommodate you.

If after your reservation is accepted your plans change and you have to cancel, it would be a great help if you contact us quickly, so that we can make space available for others who want to come. Please reconfirm your reservation with us two weeks prior to your arrival date. This will help us ensure that spaces don’t go empty when we have a waiting list of people.

If you have any more questions, then please send us an email at

General visitors fee:

$55.00 for 3 nights or fewer (per night)

$45.00 for stays from 4 nights to 8 weeks (per night)

Breakfast, cleaning services, basic necessities (i.e Showers, Toiletries, etc) included.


The student fees are as follows:
$45.00  for 3 nights or fewer (per night).
$35.00 for stays from 4 nights to 8 weeks (per night).

Restoration Haven
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