To all my beloved friends, precious family, and colleagues,
My name is Sandro Luigi Scotti. I am currently living in Cyprus and have been here for 2 years and 8 months. I am 49 years of age. I am Italian and have lived in different countries, but South Africa was home for 25 years. I am a master hairdresser by trade. My career in this trade has brought me glorious experiences and many accolades. My love of people has always kept my door open to touch people’s lives in serving the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Yahweh has always been my light and first love. My heart’s desire has always been to serve him with all my heart, my soul, and my mind.
In coming to Cyprus, I found it difficult to find a church that would feed me with righteous food instead of milk.
Then I met Todd Horton, his wife Rose, and their 5 amazing children. I knew the moment the Horton’s walked into the salon that my life would change for ever. Todd’s wisdom, a life knowledge in the Torah, and all the books of the Holy Word of God…all 66, resonated in me. God has opened a door to learning how God works through the righteous…and never leaves us nor forsakes us.
I have lived a full life and seen the best and absolute worst of what life brings. All of its challenges and obstacles  I have had the privilege to have built a very strong bond with Todd, Rose, and their family. So much so that I have felt The Holy Spirit's presence around us every time we broke bread and drank from the cup. Messianic revelation and Holy Scripture has shown me that this is where God has placed me to start my ministry.
Touched By Grace has now opened the door for God to start moving in His will for my life. Many of you who personally know me, and read this email, will remember the life I had in the past. I also know you can see that my time of repentance and forgiveness has lead to this blessing. Many of you will know how much God has revealed to me.
I am washed clean from my sins. I am not a righteous man, but my perseverance to become righteous never stops. TBG has shown me the correct meaning of fellowship and it is not in church once a week for an hour, but in community. Changing the world one person at the time. True fellowship comes with being around people with all sorts of characters and personalities. Every one is welcome to my Father's table, Jew and Gentile.  Yeshua was not with Pharisees in temples during his years of teaching the Gospel and fulling the law given to Moses, but prepared us by the shedding His blood at Calvary to set us free from sin and into Mercy and Grace. How can I not serve the King of kings when He said, “I will die for you so that through me you shall have eternal life? I hold the keys of my Father’s kingdom, which is not of this world. My Father’s Kingdom which is to come.” The time is closer, according to the book of Revelation. Believer or not, God’s word is imprinted in our Hearts. We can all feel a change coming.  
Touched By Grace has taught me that all are created equal and it is through gathering in community that overrides religion. The ministry is placed in the one of the most strategic points of the Biblical Promised Land. This is not heresy, but factual navigation through Divine understanding of God's Word. Reverend Horton is a Doctor in Theological Philosophy and has lived in Israel for over a decade with his wife and children.
In closing, my life has been touched, and transformed, in understanding that the Truth will set you free. I have allowed the Holy Spirit to strengthen me, guide me, and teach me to listen and seek more knowledge, not of the world, but the spoken/written word.
I am blessed to have met Todd, Rose, the children, and all that are coming into fellowship and community with Touched By Grace. I finally have found where I belong.
All the Honor and Glory goes to my Savior, Yeshua the son of Yahweh, in whom He is truely pleased! I am thankful for my position as a part of this community and family in 91 countries around the world. All my brothers and sister through salvation in Yeshua, I am looking forward to how God will shape and move my in double portion with TBG.
I want to thank all of you just for taking the time to read my e-mail. I pray for your well being and protection through the power of your faith and perhaps your quest in knowledge and righteousness. I love you all.
Yours humbly,
Sandro Luigi Scotti




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