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My name is Alexander Nasadyuk or my friends call me Sasha. I am Ukrainian and live in Ukraine.

In 1996 God has changed my life by bringing a Christian family into my life. They were missionaries in Ukraine for ten years. They became my family and through them (Mohr family from Nashville, TN) I have found and experienced the true love of our Father. They have raised me like their own son. I have gone on many mission trips to the orphanages with them and that’s where God placed a seed into my heart and have given me the call to help orphans. I understand what it is  like to live without parental love until I met Mohr's. I will always love, cherish and be grateful to them.

In 2005 the Mohr's went back home since their 6 children were getting older and were getting ready to go to college and other vocational pursuits. I was able to travel to the United States and stay with the Mohr family for two short visits over a two year period.

In 2007 in the Ukraine, a friend called and asked if I would take an American, Todd Horton, on the train to the airport. As we spoke on the train I realized that God has placed Todd into my life to help me realize my call.  Through Todd’s help and through his ministry, “ Touched by Grace”,   I have been able to begin taking small steps toward expanding a ministry in God's name by serving orphans.

In May 2018, I was Baptized by TBG in Cyprus. I have always wanted to get baptized at Jesus age.

For the past 7 years I have worked with numerous orphanages within the city of Vinnitsa and its surrounding villages.  I have acted as a guide for an international mission organization making arrangements for many teams to visit and serve the children as well as serving the orphanages for children and adult with special needs  .

My mission is to develop and maintain relationships with the orphanages and their village communities within the Vinnitsa region of the Ukraine.   I would  like to assist in providing necessary medications, medical/therapy equipment and develop weekly programs  for the children living in the orphanages.  In addition, I also feel it is important  to serve the surrounding villages  by  providing aid and support to the  elderly and to impoverished and struggling families. I believe by  sharing love and giving  a  hug you can show the Love of God, because you come with true and open heart in the name of Abba.

Presently,  I am in the process of creating  a non-profit charitable organization along with an American friend, Jennifer Curcio, who has served alongside with me the past few years  in many of the orphanages.  Through this non-profit charitable organization my aim is to continue the work of God and raise a new generation that will Glorify His Name.

For further information please contact:

Jennifer Curcio

Alexander Nasadyuk

Todd Horton

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