"I believe one of the best ways to learn is living what you are learning.  Life was meant to be lived outside of the classroom setting.  Practical and experiential components to learning, help bring the academic material you are studying to life.  TBG Academy has a proven track record for over 9 years, exampling how a student can learn and grow anywhere in the world.

This type of curriculum and experiential opportunity bring the world to them.  This requires them to live in the world around them, adapting their classroom understanding, to real life situations past, present, and future.  This methodology prepares them for the future to interact with the world around them.  The world view these students have, far exceeds the normal realm that most students received in their educational experience.  I am proud to offer this type of program to the students of TBG Academy."

Dr. Todd Horton - Principal


"As a mother and teacher, I want my children to gain life experiences, as well as an understanding of math, language, science, history, and Bible. At TBG Academy we aim to bring all of these together in a community setting. We believe that the older should teach the younger, and that as a family and community we work together for the benefit of all. The classroom setting at TBG Academy is everyone together around a table. If someone learns something they want to share with the others, the opportunity is always available. If we need to stop and go help a person in need, we have the flexibility to do so. If someone has a birthday we can celebrate together. All of these possibilities, alongside the head knowledge required to help them thrive in the world, bring a rounded education to the students, my children.

I do my best to keep a routine and schedule, which is important for children to grow. However, we also are teaching to be led by the Holy Spirit, and if He requires us to do something different, or stop and pray, we listen and obey. This is all part of bringing faith to life, and learning to apply the Word to our daily lives. These are necessary skills to walk strong in the world today.

I am grateful I have this opportunity to teach my children in this setting."

Rose Horton - Teacher


"My favorite part about TBG Academy is the flexibility and hands on experience. Going to the places I learn about makes them come to life. I like the set up of it and the easy accessibility to my school work. My favorite subjects are Geography, Language Arts, and Math.

Josiah Horton - Student 10th Grade


""Learning makes you wiser, studying prepares you for a test.

When I am reading or studying something, I need a quiet place, a time to really read and understand what I need to study. I need to be able to focus and TBG Academy give you the quiet time and space to do that. I can go on the porch and watch the water crash on the island, or go downstairs and sit on a chair in the breeze.

It is amazing sitting at my desk doing school and looking out on Yeronisos island and seeing history and the Bible. Being homeschooled gives us the chance to see the Word of the Bible come to life. Being able to go to the places where Jesus and Paul have been is incredible! To see and touch things that were built thousands of years ago is only a dream to some kids.

I am very honored to be a part of TBG academy and to have wonderful teachers! They encourage and inform me of all the things that I couldn't find for myself."

Abigail Horton - Student 9th Grade


"I like how I can be taught by my parents and how they can help me to understand something that I don't understand. My favorite subject is Math."

Sarah Horton - Student 7th Grade


"I like my mom as my teacher. My favorite subject is Science."

Rachel Horton - Student 5th Grade

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