Theology Pathway


Find out what hides behind the ink in the Bible and experience the Word of God coming to life before your eyes. Through this course you’ll be able to find, study and get to know more about God but most importantly, what He said to us.


01 - Character of God:

The character of God is reviewed in this lesson.  The identifying characteristics of God are discussed bringing awareness of God's omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence.


02 - Demonology:

The history of demons, their functions, and future are reviewed in this lesson bringing awareness of the struggle that is seen between God and those that oppose God.


03 - Prayer:

In this lesson we review prayer and how prayer is defined as communication to God.  Prayer is looked at from multiple facets.


04 - Righteousness:

Right standing with God is reviewed in this lesson.  How God defines righteous through the Scriptures is discussed.


05 - Royalty:

The principles of the Kingdom of God are discovered and brought to light revealing the position of Royalty that is bestowed up those who partner with Him in a covenant relationship.


06 - Understanding Authority:

Authority is a subject that has been misunderstood by individuals, indifferent to gender or generational biases.  This lesson is designed to bring awareness to a healthy view of God's authority in our lives.


07 - Evangelism:

The term evangelism is defined and expanded to bring awareness to God's mindset of what it means to help others come into an understanding of a relationship between them and God.


08 - Foundations of Faith:

Faith is defined and the building blocks that bring a healthy foundation for an individual who desires to be grounded in the principles of God.


09 - The Holy Spirit:

This lesson opens the awareness of who the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) is.  The purpose of the Holy Spirit is brought to light, giving practical steps for individuals to apply in their daily lives.


10 - Jesus Christ:

The Son of God, deliverer, redeemer, healer, judge and other descriptions are reviewed bringing revelatory insight about who Jesus Christ of Nazareth is.  We also discuss the secret name for Jesus Christ that has not yet been made known to the world, but will be revealed.