Alex Demetriou speaks about Dr. Todd Horton -

Todd Allen Horton. Whenever I hear that name a smile comes to my face, for that is my fathers name.

He is an amazing man. He loves people passionately, he loves his family unconditionally, he loves himself and most important, he loves God.

He has given his life to God. Dedicated everything to the Lord. He has proclaimed Jesus as his saviour and as his Messiah.

He has spent years labouring faithfully and one can clearly see his hard-working nature.

He is an intelligent man and more importantly, a wise man. His foundation is the Word of God and his resting place, God’s arms.

His passion and motivation to do God’s work is astounding. And one of a kind. His love for his family is remarkable and his drive to help as many people as possible is inspiring.

I am his nineteen year old son and I am proud to present my father in such a way.

He will climb the mountains, swim the oceans and crawl on his hands and knees to reach his children.

He has touched many people and he has helped many more. He has fought the enemy with tooth and nail, allowing the Lord to use him as He sees fit.

People have persecuted him and have betrayed him, yet his love overshadows whatever is not of God. The Spirit inside of him, cleans and refreshes him daily, for everyday we are made new in God’s eyes.

I want to thank you Abba, for being there when I needed you. I want to thank you for helping me in my time of need. For accepting me in my broken state. I love you and I am proud to call you, my Abba.

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Matthew 3:17: And the Lord said, “This is my son, in whom I am well pleased.”




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