UWAGA TVN, JoAnna Krupa, and Todd HortonThe 12 minute documentary aired in August of 2015 with Joanna Krupa.

“My trip in Israel is one I will always treasure but the most special and spiritual moment was getting baptized as an adult and being thankful and accepting my love and faith for God and Jesus . I am so thankful and grateful for many things in my life the good but also the bad as it makes me who I am. Life is all about learning from your mistakes and doing everything you can to be a better person as no one is perfect. It was the most amazing feeling. Here I am right after the ceremony in my new @michalnegrin dress. Feeling great and cleansed.” – Joanna Krupa


Dr. Todd Horton had the honor of being featured during this powerful 12 minute documentary at Yardenit (Baptismal Site) in Northern Israel.

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