Week 23: Holy Spirit




  1. Exodus 38:21-40:38
  2. 1 Kings 7:51-8:21
  3. Acts 1:1-11



The second portion of the reading for this week unveils the presence of God filling the tabernacle in the wilderness. Fast forward to the time of Solomon and we see God fill the temple with His presence. God promised to David that a house would be built for Him by one of David’s sons.


The description we find in the readings of the presence of God in these places was thick smoke. In the book of Acts we read about Christ and His command to go and wait for the power that would come to those who waited. The power that was about to be received by the people came from the Holy Spirit just as Yeshua had promised. On day 50 after Jesus resurrection the Holy Spirit came upon all those who were in the upper room and filled them.


Questions for Reflection:


▪ Do I believe God’s power raised Christ from the grave?

▪ Do I believe He ascended and will come again in the same place?

▪ Do I acknowledge that the power of God has come to temples made of flesh and not stone?

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